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[Notice: The MindBites Website and Service, which powers this video store, will cease its operations on December 14, 2016. Further information can be found at] Welcome to Brent Mayne's Art of Catching video store. Catching is one of More the most important defensive positions on the field, yet little, if any instruction on the subject has ever been available - until now. In The Art of Catching video series, I distill fifteen years of Major League experience (I'm ranked 4th in the history of baseball for career fielding percentage and 75th for games caught) to provide cutting-edge overviews of all the crucial technical aspects of the position. Appropriate for players of all levels, from Little League to the major leagues. Whether you're a coach, player, or curious fan, these videos are guaranteed to enhance your baseball experience. Feel free to preview and buy access to an assortment of videos that I've put together to teach you the ins and outs of The Art of Catching. Have fun, play hard, and keep your eye on the ball.Less

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